Why a Little Sister of Jesus ?

Our name comes from Father Charles de Foucauld who called himself a “Little Brother of Jesus”.  He really loved this name and, if he chose it, it was surely because he felt that it expressed the ideal that filled his heart.

Little: Jesus was sent by the Father to bring Good News to the world and he wanted to announce it as a poor person.  He descended to Nazareth where he earned his living for 30 years by humble manual work.  Brother Charles wanted to keep Jesus company by becoming little and imitating his life in Nazareth.     

      Different spiritual families follow Brother Charles.  But what is specific to the little sisters is the place of the Infant Jesus of Bethlehem. 

“For me, each little community is like the grotto of Bethlehem where Jesus finds his crib. And that is why I would like there to be many communities so that the Infant of Bethlehem can shine forth from them over the whole world, in order to make it more gentle and humble. For He alone is capable of lowering pride and hatred.”(L.Sr.Magdeleine)

We want to be like him, little, a manifestation of the tenderness and humility of God in the midst of the world, a source of peace and joy. All those who came near the Infant Jesus in the Crib went away filled with joy.

                  Our vocation in the Church is to be a reminder of the mystery of Bethlehem and the hidden life of Jesus in Nazareth. 

Sisters: Jesus gave his life in order to bring together in unity the scattered children of God.
Wise men and shepherds, sinners and saints were gathered around the crib.
God made Jesus the eldest of a multitude of brothers and sisters. We want to go to people as their little sisters, especially the most marginalized, saying to them:


                  “You are my brother, you are my sister, because God loves you.”           

  This mission is lived in a special way among Muslims because it was “in their house” in Algeria that the Little Sisters came to be. 



  Living in community is, in itself, part of our mission.


  This mission of fraternal and sisterly love begins among ourselves .


  "Of Jesus ":


We want our whole life to be "of Jesus".
We have given ourselves, not to an ideal but to a person who made himself our Lord and brother.
“Of Jesus” becomes our family name.


It is in the Eucharist, the Gospel, and
our brothers and sisters that we discover Jesus.


“I don’t believe there is any other line from the Gospel which has made a deeper impression on me or transformed my life as much as this one: ‘Whatever you do to one of these little ones, you do to me.’ If we just think that these words were spoken by Uncreated Truth, by the same lips which said, ‘This is my body… this is my blood’, how strongly we are driven to seek out and love Jesus in ‘these little ones’, the sinners, the poor.”       (Br Charles)