Visite to Mabasele OICHA

After 30 years of presence, in December 2019, the little sisters had to leave the little village of MABASELE, near Oicha because of the massacres which continue in that region of the East of DR Congo. This village is 35 km from Beni. Little sister Sifa had just spent a week in that region. Here is what she said:

“I would like to share with you about my stay at Butembo, Oicha, Masabele.. At Butembo, I was able to spend 4 days in Aldegonde’s family. She has been near her mother for a month and a half because she is very sick. She is getting a little bit better but up to know the doctors don’t know what is the problem. Then I went to Oicha: during the day I stayed in our little village at Masabele and in the evening I went to Oicha to spend the night. All our neighbours have been doing like that for the last 2 years. They feel more safe there.



How can I express the joy of all our friends at Masabele when they saw me arriving?  I was so happy to be able to pray with them on Sunday for the first mass at Masabele. The church was full and yet 95% of the people live at Oicha now. Every morning the priests come to say mass at Masabele. People stay for mass and then they spend the day working on their piece of land around their houses. And in the evening they go back to Oicha to spend the night. Their only cry was:”Come back, come back, wadada ( my sister). We are still here.”I was able to spend one hour with our friends pygmes who are refugiees in a school at Masosi. Usually when they would see us, they would ask for food, clothes or something else, but this time, they didn’t ask for anything, they just said :”Come back, come back, sister”. They all live in very difficult conditions. They don’t even have what is just necessary but some of them wanted to give me bananas and peanuts for the little sisters in Goma! The generosity of poor people!



I was very moved and amazed to see their great faith. Many of them, with a peaceful face said :”We have a lot to be grateful to God: some of our people have been cruelly killed, but many are still here. We who are still alive we give thanks to God and we pray for those who went before us. ..Because of what we have lived and what we are still living, it reminds me that all is vanity and all of us are just visitors on this earth. But how can we arrive in heaven with dignity?”

When I arrived in Butembo, I heard that our bishop was absent; I thought I won’t be able to meet him. I went to greet Fr. Aurelien, president of Justice and Peace in the diocese. He is a great friend of the little sisters. He phoned to find out if the bishop was back. He was told he arrived 30 minutes ago. When he heard I was there, he asked Father to bring me to the bishop’s house straight away. The bishop spoke about all the different needs of the people, especially about the children who don’t have schools anymore, some are traumatised because of the violence. He said :” For you, little sisters I am asking you to come back to be a presence in the midst of those people who are tortured every day. Your presence is very necessary.”

Isn’t it a call for us? I am asking you to pray with us so that we can discern how to answer to those calls; our wish is to go back as soon as possible if God want it.