Testimonies on Eucharistic Life



“I am the living bread that came down from heaven.  Whoever eats of this bread will live forever.” (Jn 6:51)


The Eucharist is food for all but each person understands it in his or her own way and according to his or her own particular journey in life.

 Here some little sisters give testimony to what the Eucharistic life is for them.


“For me the Eucharist was first of all a living sign of the presence of Jesus, a call to go further and further in giving.  Then little by little, it revealed the meaning behind my daily encounters with my brothers and sisters.  Encountering the other became the face of God, a call to give everything and let myself be eaten.  More and more I understand the words of Jesus after his encounter with the Samaritan: ‘My food is to do the will of my Father.’ (Jn 4:33)  That puts me on a path of abandonment and of welcoming and listening.  
 It is also bread for the journey.  I need this bread in order to advance: ‘Whoever eats me will live because of me.’ (Jn 6:57).

This is my strength and this is what has sustained me throughout both the dark and bright moments of my life….”


“The Eucharist helps me to always remember that there is a person who has lived and experienced every aspect of our human life.  In spite of all the darkness, questions and doubts I experience, the total abandonment and fidelity of Jesus is a call for me to return to the experience of Jesus.  This helps me to remain faithful to the will of God. 

  In the Eucharist we unite ourselves to our Church.  In the hour of adoration I can carry the whole world and place it in Jesus' hands.” 


“I'm getting older!  And I'm now closer to the Final Encounter than to my birth!  The Eucharistic life, built up day by day, gives profound unity to my being... waiting for Him in great gratitude and great peace.      

  I can only give thanks for this daily presence that Jesus helped me know  since my childhood, putting in my heart more and more the desire ‘to get to know Him’ in a ‘living with.’

I had joys and sufferings but He was there.  He is there and I know that I can count on Him.  His presence in the sacrament reminds me of this every day.  A presence that allows me to join the praise of the invisible world and of all those who have gone before us and who ‘know’ Him.

‘Glory to your Presence, glory to your Tenderness, glory to your Mercy, you who alone love humankind.’” »



“For me, the Eucharist is an experience of faith in God that I do not see.  And it is my faith in God in all the daily events that I live....

I believe that He is there, present in the Eucharist, in everyday events, through the people we meet.

  The Eucharist is the internal force that transforms me little by little, a force that opens my eyes on my being with all its beauty and weaknesses, so that I can walk in faith....

 The Eucharist pushes me to passionately desire to join what I live with what Jesus lived and to overcome my wounds in order to be present to others and become good bread for my neighbor….”