Life and Spirituality

Living the mystery of Nazareth

“Like Brother Charles, whom Jesus drew to himself by the mystery of Nazareth, the little sisters are called to a contemplative life which does not separate them from the human condition, and to live it in the world of the poor.”(Constitutions)

         ”You will not isolate yourselves from the world under the pretext of religious reserve.  Like Jesus, you will eat with your brothers and sisters and you will rejoice with them.  You will accept their hospitality with simplicity, living your Christian and religious life among them in a sisterly way, so as to show them its beauty and greatness.”  (Rule of life) 


              and Bethlehem

“Bethlehem, where God revealed himself in the powerlessness and fragility of a tiny child, sets its seal of poverty, weakness, and self-abandonment on everything about the Little Sisters of Jesus and gives them a simplicity, gentleness and joy which are characteristic of spiritual childhood.”(Constitutions)

 "If I have spoken to you so much about the message of the crib, it is so you can draw from it the spirit of surrender, meekness, poverty, and littleness which is at its very source.  We are meant for the little ones who instinctively understand the mystery of the Infant Jesus of the Crib, this Infant Jesus who is both the beginning and the goal of your journey of loving surrender.  He is both very small and very great, and he is God himself.”  (Christmas Letters of L.Sr.Magdeleine)


     Life of prayer centered on the Eucharist

”Source of the life of the Church, the Eucharist is central to the life of the little sisters’ communities.  The presence of Jesus in the Eucharist is inseparable from his presence in his brothers and sisters, especially the least-regarded of them.  This insight totally changed Brother Charles’ life and must deeply mark the lives of the little sisters as well.” (Constitutions)

"Contemplative life is a life of friendship with Jesus.  The greater our friendship and the deeper our intimacy with Jesus, the more eager we will be to carry him into the midst of the crowds, to let our lives radiate him and make him loved.  (L.Sr.Magdeleine)




         Life in small communities

“By the same call to each, Jesus unites the little sisters and gives them a common mission. Therefore, to live in community is an essential part of this mission.” (Constitutions)

“In many of our societies where personal development and independence are important, where there is growing instability and we look for new ways of living together, we want to humbly bear witness to the TREASURE of our community life as a ‘path to be traveled in truth and humility’.” (2011 Chapter)




 Living unity in diversity

"The little sisters will learn from Jesus that they can truly love all human beings only if they are with those considered to be the last, those whose lives reflect His suffering face. They will take sides with those who refuse all barriers erected between individuals and nations. They will be a leaven of unity.” (Rule of Life)




                                                     "The word that sums up our vocation is ‘UNITY’.”  (L.Sr.Magdeleine)