Family House

The General House is also our “family house”.  The first generations of little sisters participated in clearing the hill and little by little constructing the various wooden-barrack-like buildings.  Friends also came to help out with the construction, thus this little village of Tre Fontane is the fruit of a network of friendship which has lasted right up until today.

 It has a mission of hospitality at the service of UNITY among the little sisters dispersed throughout the world.  Those who live there for this service come from different countries and Tre Fontane is vivified and enriched by the input of each.  They live in small

communities of 5 to 7 little sisters, but get together in the larger group for common prayer and the noon meal. 

  Various formation sessions are organized and carried on there.  Sisters also come for a time of rest or prayer.  Because of this Tre Fontane is a place of meeting and union among us. 


The little sisters' families who come to visit us in Tre Fontane help open our hearts to the whole world.


The little sisters preparing for final vows spend several months in Rome at the "family house". Coming from the 4 corners of the world, they experience universality by living it and deepen their understanding of the charism, their common heritage, and their sense of belonging to the Church. 
 This time is called the "Common Year". 



For many of them, it is a time of discovering the places of our origins (The Tubet in Aix-en-Provence and Tre Fontane in Rome).  This special time gives them the possibility to build personal and living relationships among themselves.