Expansion in the World


   First of all founded in Muslim countries for nomads, the poorest, the Little Sisters became scattered throughout the whole world under the intuition of L.Sr. Magdeleine herself.
On July 26th1946, she wrote as follows in her diary:

   "At Sainte Baume, the certitude came to me – as if imposed on me by a great inner light – that the Little Sisters were to spread throughout the world and become universal.”


   The first foundations outside of France were in the Middle East in 1948. From 1950 to 1954, L.Sr.Magdeleine toured the world to search for where she could send little sisters for a foundation. The Charism of the Community attracted many young women and it was a bit like an explosion throughout the whole world.

   Currently there are 1,193 little sisters,  present in 60 countries and on every continent (statistics as of May 2013).