The following is information concerning books about Magdeleine and the spirituality of the Little Sisters of Jesus.                     

 -"He took me by the hand": The Little Sisters of Jesus following in the footsteps of Charles de Foucauld
(Ed New City, London ISBN 0-904287-36-X ), an abridged translation of “Du Sahara au Monde entier”, written by Magdeleine about the beginnings of the Little Sisters of Jesus in the Sahara and their expansion throughout the world.



        “The Call of the Desert”: a Biography of Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus(Ed. Darton, Longman and Todd, London 1993 ISBN 0-232-51973-0) by Kathryn Spink                                                       

 This first biography of Magdeleine tells of her life and spiritual itinerary.  It allows us to discover her blind confidence in “Jesus, Master of the Impossible”  in all that she did to get her small congregation accepted by Church officials during her trips to found communities in the four corners of the world.  



“Beyond Borders”: Life and Spirituality of Little Sister Magdeleine
(Ed.St Pauls, Philippines 2010  ISBN 978-971-004-072-8) by Angelika Daiker
translated from the German
The author wrote her doctoral dissertation on the theme: Contemplatives in the midst of the world, the Little Sisters of Jesus. In this work she wants to make known from the inside the spiritual experience and charism of the foundress of the Little Sisters of Jesus. Magdeleine, marked by a mystical experience of the incorporation of the Infant Jesus within her and by the poverty of Jesus in the Crib, made known to the little sisters the experience of being beyond borders and being rooted in milieus that are the furthest away and most excluded in the world.

 Little Sister Magdeleine de Jesus : The Message of Bethlehem to a Suffering World
(Ed. Claretian Publications, Bangalore, India 2010  8-1-8985148-9) by Annie of Jesus
The author is among the first generation of Little Sisters of Jesus and was general responsible of the congregation from 1969 to 1981. Annie was very close to Magdeleine and in this book helps us to discover the history of her vocation and that of the Community of LSJ. She does this in a lively manner by using Magdeleine’s writings.




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