A child was born to us .



Seeds of the spirituality of the crib were already present in the life of Brother Charles.  In 1898 he wrote in one of his meditations:

“By becoming an infant, so small, so gentle, I am calling to you: Trust me! Be close to me!  Do not be afraid of me.  Come to me, take me in your arms, adore me!...  Don’t be so timid in the presence of so gentle a baby who smiles and holds out his arms to you.  He is your God but full of gentleness and smiles.  Do not be afraid.  Be all tenderness, love and confidence.”

 And, echoing this, little sister Magdeleine made the Little Jesus of the manger the one and only model and King of her congregation.  In 1974 she wrote to the little sisters of Jesus for Christmas:

 “All together we shall work on our conversion, not for the sake of personal perfection but so that the infant Jesus may shine through us and soften the hearts of those who are violent, those who are battered by life… that for everyone we meet we may be reflections of his tender love and carriers of his joy.”

May the Virgin Mary help us prepare to welcome the little Jesus, her Son.

During this new year that is about to begin, may she help us to see that Jesus becomes the center of our lives and the passion of our hearts.