A final “Yes” during the pandemic


It has been more than a week since I made my final vows.  Today I am writing to tell you about that Saturday, October 17th.  From the bottom of my heart I can tell you that I am happy.  Happy about God’s “YES,” about mine, and about the Fraternity’s yes.  Happy, too, for the joyful celebration we were able to have.

A spark of love for Armenia

The Little Sisters have been present in Armenia since 1991, having come shortly after the serious earthquake with its huge number of victims. 

Living confinement in different countries

La pandémie Covid-19 touche le monde entier. Ceci a entraîné un changement brusque de la vie à cause du confinement. Nos sœurs racontent comment cela est vécu là où elles sont.

Testimonies on Eucharistic Life



“I am the living bread that came down from heaven.  Whoever eats of this bread will live forever.” (Jn 6:51)