Simple Life … Risen Life

A little sister living in Cuba wrote the following to wish us the Easter blessings of the Risen One:

Easter Resurrection: Life has conquered death.  Everyday.  The Risen One does not make himself present in what is extraordinary, but, as lsr Magdeleine, our foundress, would say, in what is “extraordinarily simple.” Jesus said to the women to whom he had wanted to show himself first after the Resurrection, “Go tell my brothers to go to Galilee.  There they will see me!”

Galilee, the place of ordinary life, of everyday life.  
There walks the Lord!  I want to tell you about a situation that speaks a lot to my heart because of its tenderness and grace.


In my neighborhood, there is a little old woman over 90 who takes care of her sick son.  You would have to see what tenderness and love they have for each other.  The son has some moments that are better and some that are worse.  One day, when he was feeling pretty good, he wanted to bend down to turn off a shut-off valve.  Because of his sickness he falls often, so the mother told him to be careful not to fall and that seeing him bend down like that scared her and made her nervous.  The son, in turn, told his mother that it was she who made him nervous seeing her worried and that he wanted to be able to help when he could.  He was really proud when he managed to shut off the valve.  Several days later I asked the mom how her son was doing and she said that he had fallen but was okay because he had fallen on her.  And she showed me her bruises saying, “He said, ‘Mom, do not come near me.  I don’t want to fall on you.’”  And her eyes were shining and she was laughing as she felt so loved by her son.

It does me so much good to run into them. I see that the Lord’s Resurrection works by transforming their situation of extreme weakness into a life full of dignity and love.  And with them I am thankful for all the good they manage to discover in the things that happen every day.

At the corner of the street there is a family living in a tiny little house with just one room that serves as the kitchen, living room, and bedroom.  The Father has Parkinson’s and he stands in the doorway selling berries when he has some.  The mother is working to earn a living for her son and daughter, teenagers in school. It’s a beautiful and very united family.  In the afternoon, about the time the children should arrive from school, the dad stands at the door and waits for them.  I’m always moved to see the far-off look in his eyes and how his eyes light up when he sees his children coming.  It’s a look that covers them with blessings and transmits joy and life.  It’s the Passover of the Risen One!


The day was dawning.  I was walking on our street alongside another woman.  We both noticed the daylight coming, delicate and full of promise for the day that was about to start.  She told me about her son, what she was doing for him, and how he compensated for it by willingly looking for work.  The sun was starting to rise.  We were able to give thanks together for the gratuitous beauty of these moments that had the taste of Resurrection!


                                         I wish you the deep joy that only an encounter with the Risen One can sow and make grow in our hearts!