Living the 80th Anniversary of the congregation

Little sister Marta Naoko came to Rome from Japan for a formation session.  She tells how she “lived” this event on September 8, 2019.

I remember the joyful celebrations during the common year and now we are celebrating the 80 years of our congregation.  It makes lsr Magdeleine come alive for me.  I entered the Little Sisters after her death and so it is very precious for me to listen to memories of her.  I could feel that her audacity came from an intuition that sometimes seemed crazy but came from God.

In the morning, lsr Serafina Souni, Korean, and I, Japanese, went down to lsr Magdeleine’s tomb and we each prayed in our own languages for the peace and reconciliation of our two countries as a sign of unity.



At the Mass, the songs in several languages expressed our diversity and universality.  At the end there was a burst of joy when the African little sisters sang in Swahili, played drums, and danced! Thank you to the little sisters who welcomed the people and those who prepared the exhibits and liturgy.  We ended the celebration with a very good Vietnamese meal.
May we all leave as light as bubbles!  



Little sister Magdeleine  said, “If I am asked to sum up our charism in one word, I would not hesitate to say UNITY.”