Jubilee of 50 years of religious life

Today I would like to thank all of you for the wishes you sent for my 50 years of Profession. 

      The celebration began with my family in the village where I was born.  We had Mass with my brother Gerard who came from Algeria for the occasion.  It was held in the little parish church with all my family and the people of the village, followed by an aperitif and meal all together in the meadow around the house.  This lovely moment reminded me of my youth. 

    Then at the regional meeting, I celebrated along with Maria Renata.  But there, I was not able to be present for the Eucharist as I had to return to Ostia for the funeral of 6 year old Alessandro whom we and a group of moms had accompanied with our prayers during the 7 months of his illness.

       The celebration at Luna Park was on Thursday, September 13th.  Along with my 50 years of Profession, we wanted to also remember my almost 50 years of presence with fair and amusement park folks in France, Switzerland, at the Luna Park near Tre Fontane, and currently at Parcolido in Ostia.  We had Mass at Luna Park at 6:30 p.m. with our bishop Don Paolo, with the pastor of our parish Don Carmelo, and a Brazilian priest who was passing through.  There were at least a hundred people: a good group of little sisters from several of our communities, some of Chicco’s friends from l’Arche, friends we had worked and lived with at Luna Park, friends from Parcolido with whom we are currently living, and quite a few friends from various places. 

   A group of children, friends of Alessandro, were there, too.  Don Paolo often spoke to them during the homily.  During the blessing they came around the bishop so they could participate with all their heart.  

        At the end of the Mass, Anna Amelia read the message that Pope Francis sent for the occasion, and then there was supper.  Barbara from the bar had made lasagna and everyone had brought something.  There was plenty.  At the end we watched the DVD prepared by Anna Amelia and Massimiliano tracing my 75 years. 


On Sunday the 16th, Don Carmelo asked me to say a few words at the parish Mass.  

   And so I say THANK YOU, with my heart full of gratitude for Jesus who loves me as I am, for my family, for the little sisters, and for all our friends, especially my fair and amusement park friends who have helped me live the Gospel down-to-earth throughout these 50 years!


I love my life just as it is.  It’s beautiful and everything in it. 




      Ps Geneviève-Josèphe