A bird’s nest in the midst of thorns!



                Dear each of you,




               I was very struck to come upon this bird nest in the midst of thorns!   I’m not sure exactly why but it speaks to my heart, especially at this time.  Perhaps it speaks to me of a mother bird trying to create a safe spot to protect her young.  Perhaps it speaks to me of Good Friday with the hope of Easter on its way.  Perhaps it speaks to me of my hope that each of you is in a safe place and protected by social distancing, masks, hand sanitizer, and soap and water.  I think it speaks to me of all of these and more.

               Ever since this new hurting has seized our world, I have been wanting to write you with a thought that has been pursuing me as if it is meant to be shared.  A work deadline was preventing me but now I think it was God’s timing giving me something to share with you for Good Friday and Easter. 

               It happened one day last spring.  I was at a Tai Chi class and the instructor decided to lead us in a group meditation.  She started out by asking us to picture a “safe place.”  I suddenly realized that the safe place I was picturing was deep inside of me!  Surprised and moved, I began to tear up, aware of how deeply true that was.  I still go back to that graced moment with awe and wonder and gratitude at having found a safe place that is always with me.  I don’t have to go looking for one.  It’s right there.  And it’s safe because somehow it’s inhabited by Another who is my Rock, my safety, my strength, my dearest friend with whom I am always “at home.”    The Genesis story tells us that we are made by God and in the image and likeness of God.  There is something of God in each of us.    And that something of God deep within my being is my “safe place.”     

May this something of God within each of us help to calm our fears!  May seeking this something of God within each other open our horizons and our compassion in new ways during this time of confinement and worry!  May the something of God in the beauty of spring warm and cuddle our hearts.



                              And may the Risen Lord be our song!


                                                                                                                           Ls  Joël