“Get up, he’s calling you!”


On October 28, 2018, little sister Ania Izabela made her final vows in the congregation of the Little Sisters of Jesus in Warsaw Poland.  This fell around the date of Brother Charles’s conversion (October 29th or 30th).

In the Gospel for the day, Jesus healed the blind man who cried out to him begging his mercy.  When Jesus called him, the crowd next to him encouraged him: “Get up, he’s calling you!”  At these words Bartimaeus behaved irrationally: he threw off his cloak, jumped up, and went to Jesus.”  This blind man goes to Jesus! 

It’s the same thing with a vocation.  Jesus calls us when we are still blind, deaf, and infirm.  He calls us because he hears our groaning and our exhaustion because of our weakness.  The path of a vocation is a path of conversion to Jesus, to God – a path of healing and mercy received, with the joy of believing that God loves us so much! 

The evening before, we gathered with the family and several friends to pray the rosary together.  It was prepared by the little sisters in Szczecin, Ania’s community. We prayed especially for her parents and family.  Brother Charles’s words of meditation helped us to do this and deeply touched our hearts: “As soon as God took on human flesh, his thoughts became human thoughts and his ways our ways.”

The next day the Eucharist in our parish was presided over by Father Eugeniusz, a longtime friend of the little sisters.  Other priest friends were also present. 

At the offertory procession, different symbols were brought up:  

Light, symbol of the Risen Christ, who scatters the darkness of our lives.  

Flowers of different colors symbolizing the universality of the Church and the presence of different nations and cultures in our community of little sisters of Jesus.  

A clock that reminds us that our time belongs to God and is part of eternity.  We want to give it to him so that he can dispose of it as He so desires at every moment. 

A statue of the Baby Jesus lying on letters, newspapers, and photos expressing that God is incarnated into our daily lives.  He is present for us and for those among whom we live. 

 Bread and wine, symbols of our humanity offered to God as an offering of gratitude and praise.



 Little sisters from other countries (Slovakia, Germany, Italy, France, and Serbia) came to join us for this celebration.  

 Our neighbors and friends helped us a lot with the preparations and the smooth running of this festive occasion.  
 For all this, we give thanks to the Lord.