D R Congo

In January 1952, little sister Magdeleine arrived in Beni, with hopes of founding a community of little sisters near the pygmies.  In February 1952, the little sisters settled finally in Mbao.  Fairly quickly a novitiate was opened in Mutwanga.  Unfortunately these communities had to close in 1964 due to the insurrection of Mulele.  At the time of lsr Magdeleine’s second visit to the Congo in 1953, another community was opened at Bukavu in the working class neighborhood of Kadutu.  It closed in 1997.

 Currently there are 2 communities in DR Congo: 

  • OICHA-Mabasele

 Mabasele began in 1992 so we could be close to the pygmies of the equatorial forest.  The little sisters are in the village, living from agriculture and the extraction of palm oil like their neighbors.  They used to go to visit the pygmies in their encampments in the forest, but with the current insecurity this is no longer possible.  Because of the friendship they have woven with them over time, they have been able to convince them to go to the hospital in Oïcha for care.  The pygmies are often despised by the villagers.





  •  Goma

  Goma was opened in 1985 in a working class neighborhood.  Through their work the little sisters were especially close to the sick and persons with handicaps.  They are also involved in the neighborhood and in the base community. .




Our chapel is open to everyone and is a haven of peace for those who come there.    

       Despite situations of insecurity in the region for the last few years, the community has never left Goma. 
 When the volcano Nyiaragongo erupted in 2002, the house was buried under lava; it was rebuilt in the same neighborhood. 






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