Burkina Faso

Our foundation in Burkina is rather recent.  The little sisters arrived from our neighboring country Niger in 1992 to establish a presence of little sisters in a Christian milieu.  Now we have two households of little sisters in Burkina-Faso:

Our first community in the country was in KAYA, situated in a Muslim neighborhood of sector 4 on the southeast side of the Moukadem Mosque.  In this neighborhood, the little sisters try to be a “bridge” between Muslims and Christians.  Their job in a pharmaceutical depot puts them in touch with the sick who have trouble finding what they need for their health care.  Visiting people in the hospital and at home are means of weaving bonds of friendship.













Our community in Ouagadougou, founded in 1997, was especially to be a novitiate for the young French speaking African women who had joined us.  It is located at the heart of Our Lady of Fatima parish and our chapel has become a place of adoration where many come to pray.  Our leather workshop there is a natural meeting place where the people feel welcome and where quite a few come to confide in us.  As Ouagadougou is the capital, our place there is also the family house for all those who live the spirituality of blessed Brother Charles. 










                 Today Burkina and Niger form a single region in the organization of our congregation. 

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