News from the young little sisters here and there…

      From the young professed of Europe:


  We temporary professed here in Europe got together this August for a session on affectivity and fraternity, in  Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

We met in Bila Hora (White Mountain), a place of great importance for the history of this country.  There was a big battle there in 1620 between Protestants and Catholics, which left a deep wound in the Czech people, still intensely felt today. 

It is a place of pilgrimage and, for some years now, there has been a community of Benedictines living there. 

This place helped us to broach our theme through the concrete history of our humanity.  Using the book of Genesis, little sister Krysia Klara guided us in a rereading of the stories of our parents.  We found ourselves in the Garden of Paradise because, as Krysia told us, “each time we read the Bible with faith, we are walking with God in Paradise.”  But it is always a Paradise lost and needing to be found again!

The moments of sharing the Word gave us the light to approach our personal experiences of fraternal life in a new way. 

Moments of relaxation to enjoy this beautiful city and the fact of being together were not lacking either! 

Visiting our community in Prague helped us to better understand the history of our little sisters who lived here during the difficult time of communism. 

A Czech historian gave us a panoramic view of the culture and history of the country.  “Things are complex,” he said, “but we will try to make it simple and go to the essentials.”  

We ended with a pilgrimage to the place where St Wenceslaus is venerated, a very important place for the Czech people.  

We leave here very grateful for our time together and with some lights that we would like to share with you.



       From the novices in Kenya:



Here in our community in Kajiado, Kenya, we are continuing our first year of novitiate.  There are 6 of us from Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Tanzania.  In addition to the many courses we are taking, there is the work in the garden.  That’s also part of our formation.  It takes a bit of courage to work the land in this semi-desert region.  But this year we had a good harvest of corn and beans.  Thank you, Lord.  Please keep up the prayers.  We end in September.