New Regionals Session




“A session is an open door

through which we can discover a garden…. "





These words and this imagery introduced the meeting of the 14 new regionals at Tre Fontane.

For 3 weeks, from November 9-30, “we took a walk, visiting our inner gardens and those of the others, as well as that of the Little Sisters of Jesus present in the diverse realities of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.”  Our way of seeing and our service as regionals were enriched by the different contexts we are each living in and by our different experiences and contributions.    The words collaboration, interdependence, growth, communication, revision of structures, authority-power, mission, links, and personal accompaniment punctuated this time of reflection, prayer, exchange, deepening, and questions.  We leave strengthened… and more aware that we are not alone: we are part of a Body, for which we are responsible and together we take care of it.