Meeting of the Regionals of Europe


In March the 9 Regionals of Europe got together for a week in a house run by the Jesuits, 10 kilometers from Bratislava, Slovakia.  This was the first time we had had such a meeting. We were independent, could do our own cooking and eat just among ourselves, which encouraged spontaneous discussions.   

We worked on certain topics at the request of the General Council: our presence in Ceuta (Spain) among migrants, the formation team on the European continent, and the session on the world of exclusion requested by the 2017 Chapter.  We also spoke about the collaboration between us regionals and with the Continental Coordinator.  And how we can help each another. 

We invited a writer-historian to tell us about the history of Slovakia through the centuries and in the context of the wars and Europe.  At the end of our week we spent a day in Bratislava to visit the old part of the city, the cathedral, the château, and of course our little sisters of Bratislava who welcomed us warmly.