Death of little sister Jeanne

 Our oldest little sister, Little sister Jeanne of Jesus, passed away at the age of almost 100, at Tre Fontane, Rome, on February 22, 2019. 

She joined in 1940, the second to enter the congregation, and she was the first general responsible after the foundress, a service she provided for 20 years.  Little sister Jeanne went around the world with lsr Magdeleine to get the Fraternity known everywhere.  After this service she remained at lsr Magdeleine’s side, working with her, right up until lsr Magdeleine’s death.  This made her the privileged witness of lsr Magdeleine’s personal life, as well as her human, and spiritual life.

Shortly before she died, lsr Magdeleine said, “If I had not had lsr Jeanne next to me, there would have been many things I could not have done.”

May she intercede for us, for the Church, and for today’s world.