"Spiritual childhood is a matter of trust and self-surrender into God’s hands… like that of the little child whose father pretends that he is about to throw him off a high cliff, and the child bursts out laughing when he sees the cliff below him because he is in his father’s arms and he knows well his father will never let him go." (lsr Magdeleine)
Little sister Marta Naoko came to Rome from Japan for a formation session.  She tells how she “lived” this event on September 8, 2019.
“Before final profession the little sisters will gather for a ‘final profession novitiate’ (or ‘Common Year’), coming together from all continents.”  (from the Constitutions N°36) This year 12 little sisters from 10 countries were together for their Common Year that ended on August 14th.  In the morning the celebration of the Eucharist took place at the tomb of St Peter in the Vatican, a sign of their attachment to the Church.
Little sister Magdeleine arrived in Belgrade on September 3, 1958, during her trip to the countries of Eastern Europe. 
  On October 28, 2018, little sister Ania Izabela made her final vows in the congregation of the Little Sisters of Jesus in Warsaw Poland.  This fell around the date of Brother Charles’s conversion (October 29th or 30th).
  It seemed crazy to organize a celebration with a large gathering of people when you consider the situation of our region of Mabasele, in the Oïcha diocese of Beni Butembo.  In addition to the insecurity over the past 4 years, the Ebola virus epidemic is just 30 km (18.6 miles) from us.