It seemed crazy to organize a celebration with a large gathering of people when you consider the situation of our region of Mabasele, in the Oïcha diocese of Beni Butembo.  In addition to the insecurity over the past 4 years, the Ebola virus epidemic is just 30 km (18.6 miles) from us.
Today I would like to thank all of you for the wishes you sent for my 50 years of Profession.        The celebration began with my family in the village where I was born.  We had Mass with my brother Gerard who came from Algeria for the occasion.  It was held in the little parish church with all my family and the people of the village, followed by an aperitif and meal all together in the meadow around the house.  This lovely moment reminded me of my youth. 
    “The Baby Jesus of the Crib cries out to you, ‘tenderness’… for each and every human being.   He opens his arms to the whole universe but first of all to the little and poor.”       lsr Magdeleine
Bethany, near Jerusalem August 22, 1982   This is my testament   I possess nothing and that’s how I wish to die. […] It is a treasure far more precious than gold and silver, and it is this that I would like to bequeath not only to my family and to the Little Sisters but to all of humankind.
Ever since 1971, a week-long music festival has been held in the city of Roskilde, Denmark.  Music is, of course, at the center of this event.  This year 145 musicians from around the world participated.  But there were also graffiti painters, poets, and organizations presenting various themes for everyone to think about: capitalism, banks, corruption, immigration, etc.  Among the 130,000 participants there were 30,000 volunteers.  The majority were housed in tents.  You can imagine the spectacle !
A little sister living in Cuba wrote the following to wish us the Easter blessings of the Risen One: Easter Resurrection: Life has conquered death.  Everyday.  The Risen One does not make himself present in what is extraordinary, but, as lsr Magdeleine, our foundress, would say, in what is “extraordinarily simple.” Jesus said to the women to whom he had wanted to show himself first after the Resurrection, “Go tell my brothers to go to Galilee.  There they will see me!”