Little Sisters of Jesus

"To be a sign of the tenderness of God in the midst of the poorest" 





    discovering spiritual friendship among novices in Asia From novices in the Philippines: What a gift for our international noviciate in the Philippines to welcome the 3 novices from Vietnam for two weeks in May this year!  It was a great joy to be together and get to know one another through sharing daily life as well as through sessions on friendship and the offering of our lives.
While we were meeting in Øm, Denmark, in the peaceful setting of our place there, lsr. Noële surprised us by her unexpected and sudden death on the morning of August 2nd  2017 after experiencing some abdominal pain.
Little sister Marie Jacqueline celebrated her 70 years of religious life in Mallemort, France.  Here is what she had to say about answering the call to follow the Lord in a “nomadic life.” “My religious vocation began with my falling madly in love with the Lord!  I was about to turn 20.  I am 93 now and celebrating my 70 years of Profession as a Little Sister of Jesus. Falling in love can’t be explained, it just happens.  By this falling in love I understood that God would be first in my life.  But where?  And how?
  In AsiaNews, Fr. Giuseppe Moretti, who was chaplain of the Italian Embassy in Afghanistan until 2015 and in charge of missio sui iuris, tells about the Little Sisters’ 60 years of presence in Afghanistan. "The Little Sisters of Jesus, “Afghans among Afghans” for 60 years"
From the little sisters of El Abiodh Sidi Cheikh, in Algeria: When Magdeleine Hutin met Fr. Rene Voillaume in Algeria in 1938, she opened her heart to him and explained her project of a congregation of sisters exclusively consecrated to the nomads and living like them in tents.                            
We begin our letter by wishing you the peace of Jesus.  We hope you are well and in good health.  As we approach the blessed feasts of CHRISTMAS and NEW YEARS 2017, we send you warm and cordial wishes and we ask God that the star over the cave of Bethlehem may always guide us and enlighten our way through the darkness of our lives.  May God grant that the coming year be filled with what is good and with peace and joy for the whole world.